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E.U. Structural Funds co-finance development programmes among the Member States of the European Union.

This website provides information on the E.U. Structural Funds in Ireland.

The National Development Plan 2007-2013 entitled Transforming Ireland – A Better Quality of Life for All , sets out the roadmap to Ireland's future. The €184 billion Plan represents another major milestone in building a prosperous Ireland for all the people, characterised by sustainable economic growth, greater social inclusion and balanced regional development.

The Plan is the largest and most ambitious investment programme ever proposed for Ireland. It builds on, and consolidates, the achievements of the previous Plan, and provides €54.6 billion for investment in economic infrastructure; €49.6 billion for social inclusion measures (children, people with disabilities, etc.); €33.6 billion for social infrastructure (housing, health, justice, etc.); €25.8 billion for human capital (schools, training, higher education, etc.), and €20 billion for enterprise, science and innovation.

The site also contains information on the NDP/CSF (2000-2006) , which involved an investment of €57 billion of Public, Private and EU funds. This funding was invested in numerous projects and initiatives throughout the country including education, roads, public transport, health services, social housing, rural development, industry, water and waste services, childcare and local development.

Some more info on NUTS 2 - statistical regions of Ireland on wikipedia and on Irish Regions Office - IRO - site.

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Glossary of Terms

N.D.P. = National Development Plan
C.S.F. = Community Support Framework
N.U.T.S. = Nomenclature of Territorial Statistical Units
F.O.I. = Freedom of Information
F.A.Qs = Frequently Asked Questions